Dino squad is about a team of five teenagers with the power to turn into dinosaurs. Their story begins when a stray dog takes Caruso's jacket and swims out into the ocean with it. Meanwhile, Victor Veloci dumps what he calls "Primordial Ooze" into the ocean. This special ooze, created by Victor in his labs, turns people, plants, and animals into dinosaurs like himself. When the teens jump into the ocean to save the dog from a shark, they unknowingly swim through the ooze and now they, and the dog, have the ability to tranform into dinosaurs. They help their science teacher, Ms. Moynihan, who can also change into a dinosaur, fight Victor Veloci and keep him from turning the world back into the age of dinosaurs.

Fiona: The girl/mechanic in the group. has the power to change into a spinosaurus, also she is allergic to spiders.

Max: Is the captain of a football team, and has a crush on Fiona. he can turn into a T-Rex, and is the leader of the dino squad.

Buzz: Has a weird haircut that looks like a chainsaw, and is the coward in the group but when it comes to the Dino Squad he forgets all about it. He has the power to turn into a Pteradon. It is shown he has a small crush on Fiona.

Rodger: The Brain, the smartest. He's usually helping Fiona will new rides and weapons and has the power to turn into a Styracasoaurus.

Caruso: Only cares about his hair and himself, but would do anything for fame except put the dino squad in danger. He has the power to turn into a Stegasoaurus.

Rump: Dino-Dog

Mrs. Moyihan: she is a real velicoraptor, and over 65 million yrs. old. When there was a meteor shower a young velicoraptor (Mrs. Moyihan), she hid in a cave but rocks fell and blocked her way out. She was in there so long her DNA broke and she could transform into a science teacher. The show does not explain how she got out.