Fiona can be very caring and she knows what is right and wrong. She will do anything for the Dino Squad. She likes to spend time with her friends a bit more than with her family.

Appearance Edit

Fiona is a beautiful young woman. She had hair that can be portrayed as either light brown or ginger, her hair has large bangs in the front and two framing her face down to her chest-the rest is behind. Her eyes are hazel as a human and orange as a dinosaur (like the rest of the dino squad). Her everyday outfit consists of a long sleeved shirt, brown jacket, yellow trousers/leggings and below knee high boots. She also had dark brown gloves with a square gap.

Dino Form Edit

Fiona's dino form is a gold-yellow Spinosaurs Aegyptiacus with a dark yellow underbelly with diamond-like markings in-between the underbelly and top going down the throat, belly and tail. Her snout is long and crocodile-like, her sail is large and dark brown in color and jagged looking with breaks separating some parts of it. Fiona in dino mode also sports a large fin-like crest (Most likely used for gender distinguishing as Joanne has a similar apparatus on her head when she's in dino-mode). Her eyes glow yellow as well. Fiona in dino-mode is the fastest of the Dino Squad members and is very strong. Fiona is an essential part of the squad and provides the speed and weaponry needed to stop Veloci or any situation. Fiona is also an excellent swimmer in dino-mode.


  • The Spinosaurus that she transforms into can reach up to 15 meters long. It also has a spine that stands 6.5 feet long.
  • In reality Spinosaurus was much longer and taller than Tyrannosaurus though portrayed in the show it is shown to be smaller. It is possible that she is of a different species from the Spinosaurinae family, though only Aegyptiacus had dorsal spikes that large.
  • In reality Tyrannosaurus rex had a better sense of smell than any other dinosaur.
  • She is the only girl on the Squad (with the exception of Ms. Moynihan), and has a penchant for fast things like roller blades or race cars.
  • Ironically what grosses out Fiona, entices Buzz (bugs, insects, cockroaches,etc).
  • She is allergic to spider bites, watch episode Never Judge a Dinosaur by it's cover.
  • Fiona is the squad's resident mechanic and gearhead, and is also a tomboy. Max and Buzz may have a crush on her, but she doesn't seem to notice.
  • Fiona is voiced by Dana Donlan.
  • Her Dino form is a Spinosaurus.
  • Fiona is another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class.
  • she and her sister seem to hate each other.
  • Her family is of Irish descent.