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Irwin Caruso




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Caruso is another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. In aspects he is quite the looker in his book and is high on himself in some occasions and his quest for fame and fortune tends to get himself in trouble than usual. His transformation is a Stegosaurus (although his form has either twelve or fourteen spinal plates, five spikes on its tail and no beak, unlike a real Stegosaurus). Caruso is voiced by Benjamin Beck.


Caruso has tanned skin and spiky dark blue hair and light blue eyes. He wears a white casual shirt along with a purple hellotrope tie. He also wears darkish red casual pants and black dress shoes. He carries a comb and his beauty mirror in his back pockets.


Caruso is one of the most obnoxious members of the team. He is vain and obsessed with the idea of fame and his "good looks". He can be a pain sometimes and though his selfishness and arrogance has hurt the team, he did prove himself worthy to the squad. Caruso has been shown careless as this was shown when he bought and rejected animals from a pet store in the episode "Pet Peeve". There have been a few occasions where Caruso's quest for fame has gotten out of hand which reveals that Caruso has a passion for lying to cover up his deeds.

Dino FormEdit


Caruso's dinosaur form

When not spending time on winning the shead of fame, Caruso transforms into a Stegosaurus. In some segments it oddly had 5 spikes or thagomizer when in reality a Stegosaurus has 4 spikes on its tail. The Stegosaurus is also shown without a beak and also has sharp teeth in its mouth and has glowing yellow eyes. Caruso has proved his worth in the Dino Squad and is a strong, reliable teammate.


  • Caruso's design was most likely inspired from Vern Natoma from Disney's Fillmore!
  • In episode 23 he reveals that he created his own line of moisturizers.
  • Caruso will do almost anything to be famous, only thing he won't do is reveal the Dino Squads identity.
  • Rump has caused trouble for Caruso, in the episode The Beginning, he took his jacket and he has taken a cupcake from Caruso, he has also led a chase all over Kittery Point, with Caruso chasing him all around town.
  • Caruso's parents know that Caruso can turn into a dinosaur but only after he told them.