Dino Squad S02E13 The Trojan Dinosaur

Dino Squad S02E13 The Trojan Dinosaur


Joanne's younger human form

Dinosaur Joanne

Joanne in Dinosaur form

Joanne Moynihan is a 65 million year old dinosaur. She can turn into a human science teacher at will or when in dino form she becomes exhausted. When an asteroid hit Earth and killed the rest of the dinosaurs, a rock fell and trapped two raptors. One was Ms. Moynihan and the other was Victor Veloci. Some where along the line she got out and her DNA changed so she was able to change from human form to dinosaur form.


Ms. Moynihan has a strong sense of duty, in the fact that she is doing everything in her power to stop Victor Veloci. She has a sense of humor and is very kind. She also has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Joanne in a Spa with Max and Fiona


Joanne's elderly human form

Dino Mode Edit

Like Victor Veloci, Moynihan can turn into a dinosaur as well. Her dino form is an unusually large Velociraptor that is green in color, with jagged purple stripes going down the back, with the tip of the tail being solid purple and a creamy white underbelly. Unlike Veloci however, Moynihan has a purple head crest on her head (most likely used for distinguishing genders as Fiona in dino-mode sports this apparatus as well). Joanne's eyes are yellow in dino mode as well and the outer area around the eye is solid black as well, like her male counterpart Victor. Moynihan has only had to aid the Dino-Squad once, she is the mentor of the Dino-Squad and has the most experience out the of the entire squad as well. Despite her age, Moynihan is incredibly quick and agile in dino-mode, comparable to Victor Veloci even.


  • Ms. Moynihan only turned into a dinosaur in the last episode. The Trojan Dinosaur.
  • Ms. Moynihan is a high school science teacher who teaches the Dino Squad.
  • She seems to teach biology.
  • Moynihan's Velociraptor form is depicted as being taller than a man and almost half the size of a T-rex, Velociraptors in reality were only 2 feet tall and were feathered, Victor's Velociraptor form is more based on the Jurassic Park Velociraptors.
  • Moynihan's dinosaur form is more closely similar in size and proportions to Utahraptor, a relative of Velociraptor only several times larger and heavier
  • In the show, she appears as an elderly human instead of her younger self back when her DNA spliced and change her to adapt to the new world. It is unknown why she looks the way she is throughout the show, but it is implied that she did it to hide her identity after parting ways with Victor Veloci.