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Neil "Buzz" Buzzmati is a the "punk" kid member of the Dino Squad and another high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is the youngest member on the team, 17 going on 18. He can turn into a Pteranodon. He is voiced by Nils Haaland.

Physical Appearance Edit

Buzz stands between 5'11" and 6'1". He's skinny but has some muscle, he sports a small hoop earring in each ear. His most known trademark is his hair (which is often the main thing he and Caruso argue about), the sides are completely shaven and dyed a lime-ish green, spiked up. He wears a dull orange/yellow mixed tank top, green pants with a brown belt, and brown wrist bands.


Buzz jokingly acting like a Toucan

Dino Mode Edit

Buzz's dino-mode is large lime-green Pteranodon. His underbelly is orange in color and has light brownish talons on the feet. Buzz also sports a long, dinosaurian tail and a mouthful of teeth. Buzz stands upright when on land, but can squat down on all fours, similar to an ape such as a gorilla. His head crest has a small break in it and his beak is slightly curved. The inside of his wings are a somewhat whitish color, but a

Buzz in Pteranodon form

majority of it is covered in a lighter shade of green. The piercings in buzz's ear are have disappeared or embedded into his head. His eyes are glowing yellow. Buzz is the only member in the Dino Squad that can fly and provides a great advantage in combat and in pursuit and when flying, can be hardly detected or heard by any land bound opponents

Trivia Edit

  • Buzz's Pteranodon form isn't a dinosaur, it's actually a Pterosaur, a group of flying reptiles related to dinosaurs.
  • Unlike real Pteranodons, Buzz's Pteranodon form has a long tail and teeth, like the smaller pterosaur, Rhamphorhychus