Dino Squad The Beginning part 1

Dino Squad The Beginning part 1


Peter was a brief character introduced in the first season of Dino Squad. He made his cameo in the very first episode of Dino Squad.

Peter is a tan male with a small pointed mustache and brown eyes


Peter was introduced in Dino Squad, season one episode one. He joined Raptor Dyne and made an alliance with Veloci. Upon entering Victor's laboratory, he is in awe and shock as he witnessed modern animals being turned into dinosaurs. Peter also helped Victor by creating special Nano-machines for helping Victor speed up the process of perfecting his experimental DNA, for turning all life into dinosaurs. Peter was also given an injection of dinosaur DNA by Victor Veloci, it's unknown however what dinosaur he is able to turn into.


° Peter has never been shown again in any other Dino Squad episodes.

° One of Peter's quotes is: "I got into business to swim with the sharks, not be eaten by them."

° Peter's dinosaur form is an Apatosaurus the fan-fiction "Scars"