Rodger's Dino Form


Rodger Blair

Roger Blair is one of the teammates in Dino Squad. He can turn into a Styracosaurus, but strangely has the build of a Triceratops and horn arrangement of a triceratops. He has dark tan skin and has short brown hair.


Roger is a smart and invents a lot of gadgets, though they sometimes fail. He can be arrogant but has a sense of duty and will come to someones aid when they need it. He hates when someone laughs at his invention or gives him advice and will always want a comeback but he always makes up with his friends. He is also nice.

Dino Form Edit

Roger's dino form is a Ceratopsian, a Styracosarus to be exact. Strangely however, Rodger's Styracosaurus form is more in resemblance to Triceratops due to the large horns over the eyes. The frill on the other hand is similar to Styracosaurus. The nasal horn is also small, similar to Triceratops rather than a Styracosaurus, with it having a large nasal horn and no horns on the head. Rodger's dinosaur form is a light gray in color, with reddish-brown covering the face, and a large portion of the back. The red is similar in color to the splotches on Max's dinosaur form. The horns and claws are white in color and the eyes glow a bright yellow. Rodger is the second strongest member of the Dino Squad and most likely the most durable member as well.


  • Roger invents gadgets but sometimes they fail.
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  • Roger has a little brother named Mikey Blair.
  • Roger and his team-mates have pets such as turtle, bunny, gold fish, hamster, and parakeet; Roger has the turtle