Rolf "Max" Maxwell
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Rolf Maxwell






Chiller & Spiller (De-Volver)


basket ball, football, baseball, hockey, snowboarding, skateboarding, motocross, NASCAR.

First episode

The Beginning

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The Trojan Dinosaur

Relatives Ashley Nicole -mother and father Jacob black

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Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Max (Rolf Maxwell) A hunky 18-year old high school senior in Ms. Moynihan's class. He is the leader of the Dino Squad and his dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus Rex


Max has a green jacket with a white shirt underneath it. He also wears jeans. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


Max is very loyal and will do the right thing when it is the right thing to do. Sometimes he needs to be told what is right and wrong. Max is also very kind and will do anything for his team.

Dino FormEdit

When Max is not playing football or any of sport, Max transforms into a Tyrannosaurus. His dino form is a dark green in color, with dark reddish- brown splotches on his body with a lighter shade of green covering the underbelly and has small reddish-brown spikes on his back and a small point on the back of the head, and small horns on his snout. The eyes glow yellow in color like the other "Perfect Dinosaurs". Max is one of the strongest of the dinosaurs and packs a powerful punch with his powerful T-rex jaws.


  • Max is the team leader and captain of the football team.
  • He may have a crush on Fiona, but doesn't try to show it. On the episode "Don't Judge a Dinosaur by it's Cover", when Fiona is bitten by a spider he is seen stroking her and trying to comfort her showing his affection or showing he is very caring.
  • Max is voiced by Ian Eli Lee.
  • Max originally did not want to become a dinosaur as he said: "I don't wanna be a dinosaur, I wanna be a quarterback"
  • Max under most laws would be considered an adult rather than a teenager