"Dino Squad 105 - Who Let the Dog Out!"

"Dino Squad 105 - Who Let the Dog Out!"


Rump the Dog

Rump is a dog and loved pet of the Dino Squad that can turn into a dinosaur. No one knows what Dinosaur he turns into since he only turns into a half dinosaur half dog.


Rump is a very mischievous dog. He has gotten out many times and has caused quite a lot of damage to the town. Rump is very loyal to the Squad and is a very lovable dog

Dino ModeEdit

Rump Dino

Rump going Dino

Rump is the only animal capable of going dino at will. It's unknown what dinosaur Rump is, unlike the Dino Squad, Rump appears to be only half dinosaur, similar to the mutantsaurs. When in dino-mode, Rump's head grows significantly larger and bears a slight resemblance to a T-rex's. Red spike-like hair also sprouts out of Rump's back as well. His teeth grow very large and also very strong, as he was able to easily bite through a telephone pole. In addition, his claws grow larger and like the others, Rump's eyes glow yellow.


  • Rump cannot turn into a full dinosaur like the Dino Squad.
  • Rump has caused quite a lot of damage one time when he got out.
  • Rump has white fur and has some black fur around one of his eyes.
  • Rump is a Miniature English Bull Terrier
  • Rump's dino form bears a resemblance to Andrewsarchus, one of the largest carnivorous mammals to ever live that was surprisingly, a relative to goats.